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Meet Linda Wimberly

Meet Linda Wimberly

The paralegal world is always changing.  New technology, new laws, and new procedures mean that it is very difficult to learn how to be a paralegal from reading a book.  Students have to learn by doing, and it helps when the instructor is an experienced lawyer.  Dr. Linda Wimberly not only brings her long experience as a lawyer into the classroom, but also has her students learn by doing across the paralegal field.  This week we sat down with Dr. Wimberly to learn more about her.

Professor Wimberly is originally from Richmond.  After graduating from Model, she went to the University of Kentucky for her undergraduate and law degrees.  She then went to Frankfort to work in the Attorney General’s office.  At the same time, her husband was working in Lexington and Mount Sterling, and they wanted to work closer to the same city, so after a few years, they moved back to Richmond.  Professor Wimberly had already taught a few classes at UK, and when a part time position teaching legal research and writing opened at EKU, she applied for and got the job.  Later, she applied for and received a full time position.

In addition to research and writing, Dr. Wimberly has taught most of the paralegal catalog at one time or another.  She has taught intro to law, real estate, bankruptcy, probate, administrative law, and many other courses.  Her courses deal in the intricacies of the paralegal career, so she has many practical exercises.  In the real estate class, students spend time in the Madison County Courthouse researching  titles to property and determining if the property is legally clear to sell –for example, to find out if there  are liens on the property.  Students in her business law classes draw up articles of incorporation for a new business.  Her legal research students research and write a brief to an actual appeal in the Kentucky courts.  Students find these tasks hard, but they also say that they would never have fully understood how to do these jobs if they had not done them for real.

The students are guided through these tasks by Professor Wimberly’s experience as a lawyer.  Professor Wimberly still practices law, primarily in real estate; and is also a mediator for the Madison County Courts.  As a mediator, she helps litigants come to amicable agreements to their cases rather than court imposed agreements.  She is also an active member of the Kentucky Bar Association.

Away from campus, Dr. Wimberly likes to spend time with her daughters –one of whom is in medical school and the other a law student at the University of Kentucky –and is a fan of the Wildcats football and basketball teams.  She says that it is good to be able to enjoy her work, and she recommends students try to find a career they enjoy while at EKU.  In the same way that she finds it easy to work at something she enjoys, students will find it easier to study subjects they enjoy.  She also says that students should work hard from the start, as it is much harder to raise grades late in their academic career than to keep grades up from the start.

The Department of Government is happy to have Professor Wimberly as a member, and hopes that you, too, will have an opportunity to enjoy her classes and department.

Published on November 18, 2013

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